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Yamaha 225hp Outboard

Yamaha 225hp Outboard

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The new 225hp V6 shares the DNA of the flagship XTO, reflected in cutting-edge technology and Yamaha engineering excellence resulting in outstanding power and thrilling performance.

By fusing power, efficiency and light weight, Yamaha’s innovative design sets the standard for V6 outboard performance.

Exhilarating innovation.

The new Yamaha 225hp V6 represent Yamaha’s commitment to deliver products that provide a more user-friendly interface for customers, seen in the new TotalTilt function, and boat builders, whilst continuing to deliver on incredible power and enhanced reliability.

Designed for use by professionals, enthusiasts and new users, engineered to empower people’s passions, the big block 225hp V6 provides versatility and additional confidence on the water through the Thrust Enhancing Reverse Exhaust (TERE) system, as well as delivering exciting performance.

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