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Suzuki DF325hp Outboard

Suzuki DF325hp Outboard

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An outboard that perfectly balances awesome power and thrust, with outstanding fuel-efficiency and trusted reliability all within a lightweight and stylish design.

Contra-Rotating Dual Propeller

This new technology provides more grip underwater and because the contra-rotating propellers distribute the engine torque more evenly over the two propellers the torque per propeller decreases and gear diameter can be reduced.

Direct Intake System

The Dual Louver System incorporate a double shield of blades – each one designed in a dog-led shape and results in eliminating water intake, even in the face of the most severe on the water testing. The outer blades removes the spray and drains the mist resulting in the intake air temperature being free of moisture and no higher than 10° above ambient.

Gear Case Design

An ergonomic case design adds to the outboards computational fluid dynamics designed to and development to minimize resistance and provide the most efficient flow of water to the propellers.

Suzuki Lean Burn control System

Suzuki's Lean Burn Fuel Control Technology predicts fuel needs according to operating conditions, then delivers the optimum fuel/air mixture to the engine resulting in greater fuel economy.

Offset drive shaft

The offset drive allows us to make our outboard engines smaller by moving the outboards centre of gravity forward, improving weight distribution, power output, balance and reduces vibration.

Suzuki Precision Control

This technologically advanced system gives smooth, precise control with crisp, immediate shifting particularly at low revs when manoeuvring and helps improve fuel efficiency.

Variable Valve Timing (VVT)

The system is controlled by hydraulic pressure from the oil pump and the process happens automatically so all you have to do is enjoy the power and performance.

Multi-Function Gauge

This intuitive technology allows you to view important information from engine rpm and trim to boat speed and fuel economy, all on one user friendly screen.

Watergrip Propeller

A stainless steel propeller with a new interchangeable square shaped bush that offers efficient conversion of engine power to propulsion resulting in better grip and performance for our powerful outboards.


  • Direct Intake
  • Dual Louver System
  • Dual Injector
  • Dual Prop System
  • Dual Water Inlet
  • Suzuki Precision Control System
  • Suzuki Lean Burn Control System
  • 4.4 Litre DOHC 24-valve V6 Engine
  • Compact with an exclusive 55° V-Block
  • Suzuki Easy Start System
  • Streamlined Gear Case
  • Continuously Variable Valve Timing
  • 32-Bit Computer
  • 54 Amp Charging Alternator
  • Largest Reduction Gear Ratio in its class
  • Offset Driveshaft
  • Two-Stage Cam Drive System
  • Direct Ignition
  • Oil-Bathed Timing Chain
  • Can run by regular gasoline (DF325A)


Recommended transom height: 638mm (25in)
Weight: 330.0kg
Bore x Stroke: 98 x 97mm
Propeller Selection (pitch): Front: 3 x 15.5 x 19.5-31.5 Rear: 3x15 x 19.5-31.5
Starting System: Electric
Engine Type: DOHC 24-Valve
Fuel Delivery System: Electronic Fuel Injection
No. of Cylinders:
Piston Displacement: 4,390cc
Maximum Output: 239.0kw
Full Throttle Operating Range: 5,300 – 6,300
Steering: Remote
Oil Pan Capacity: 8.0L
Ignition System: Fully-transistorised
Alternator: 12V 54A
Engine Mounting: Shear Mount
Trim Method: Power Trim and Tilt
Gear Ratio: 2.29:1
Gear Shift: FNR
Exhaust: Through Prop Exhaust
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