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Suzuki DF30hp Outboard

Suzuki DF30hp Outboard

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High performance, lightweight, compact and low on fuel consumption. The DF30A is lightest in class with the largest reduction gear ratio.

When you choose a Suzuki 4-Stroke outboard, we provide you with everything you need to get on the water. With the DF30A we include the following as standard:

- Safety lanyard

- User manual

- Aluminium propeller

- 25 Litre external fuel tank

- Fuel line assembly

- Side mount control box

- 5 year leisure warranty / 2 year commercial warranty

- 2 year commercial warranty

Offset crankshaft

Positioning the crankshaft slightly off-centre from the cylinder the lateral pressure on the cylinder wall is reduced resulting in a smoother piston movement which improves operating efficiency.

Largest reduction gear ratio in its class

A large reduction gear ratio leads to powerful torque for quick acceleration and great top-end speed.

Battery-less electronic fuel injection

Delivers quicker easier starts, smoother running and quick acceleration without the bulk and weight of a battery.

Direct intake

The cover design provides the direct intake system with a smoother, cooler flow of air boosting engine operating efficiency.

Lean Burn control system

Suzuki's Lean Burn Fuel Control Technology predicts fuel needs according to operating conditions, then delivers the optimum fuel/air mixture to the engine resulting in greater fuel economy.


  • Suzuki Lean Burn Control System
  • Battery-Less Electronic Fuel Injection
  • Built In Water/Fuel Separator
  • Forged Aluminum Connecting Rods
  • Steering Friction Adjusting Lever
  • Remote Control Model Available (DF30AR, 30AT)
  • Gas Assisted Tilt (DF30AQH)
  • 3-Stage Baffle Chamber and Thru-Hub Exhaust
  • Shift Lever Located in front of the engine 
  • Digital Capacitor Discharge Ignition (CDI)
  • Fresh Water Flush Port 
  • Easy Oil Drain Plug
  • One-Piece Forged Crankshaft
  • RCD Standards (P01) CARB Rating: 3-Star Ultra-Low Emission (P03)
  • Suzuki Anti - Corrosion System


Recommended transom height: 508mm (20in)
Weight: 72.0kg
Bore x Stroke: 60.4 x 57.0mm
Propeller Selection (pitch): 9" - 15"
Starting System: Electric
Engine Type: 4-Stroke OHC 
Fuel Delivery System: Battery-less Electronic Fuel Injection
No. of Cylinders: 3
Piston Displacement: 490cc
Maximum Output: 22.1KW
Full Throttle Operating Range: 5,300 - 6,300
Steering: Remote
Oil Pan Capacity: 1.5L
Fuel Tank Capacity: 25L
Ignition System: Digital CDI
Alternator: 12V 14A
Engine Mounting: Shear Mount
Trim Method: Power Trim & Tilt
Gear Ratio: 2.09:1
Gear Shift: F-N-R
Exhaust: Through prop Hub Exhaust
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