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Suzuki DF20hp Outboard

Suzuki DF20hp Outboard

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High performance, lightweight, compact and low on fuel consumption - you can have it all.

Battery-less electronic fuel injection

Delivers quicker easier starts, smoother running and quick acceleration without the bulk and weight of a battery.

Lightweight and compact

The innovative technology used in the DF20A makes this the lightest outboard in its class.

Lean Burn control systems

Suzuki's Lean Burn Fuel Control Technology predicts fuel needs according to operating conditions, then delivers the optimum fuel/air mixture to the engine resulting in greater fuel economy.


  • Lean Burn Control System
  • Compact and Lightweight Design
  • Battery-less Electronic Fuel Injection
  • 32-Bit Computer
  • Easy Oil Drain Plug
  • Idle Air Control
  • Compression Reduction Starting System
  • Digital Capacitor Discharge Ignition (CDI)
  • One-Piece Forged Crankshaft
  • 3-Stage Baffle Chamber and Thru-Hub Exhaust 
  • Two-Piece Lower Cowl
  • Power Tilt Model Available (DF20AT, 20ATH)
  • Remote Control Model Available (DF20AR) 
  • Start in Gear Protection 
  • Steering Tension Adjuster 
  • Throttle Tension Adjuster 
  • Easy Start Recoil Starter 
  • Emergency Stop Switch
  • RCD Standards (P01)
  • CARB Rating: 3-Star Ultra Low Emissions (P03)
  • Suzuki Anti-Corrosion System
  • Self Diagnostics System 
  • Fresh Water Flushing Port 
  • Oil Change Reminder System


Recommended transom height: 508mm (20in)
Weight: 45.0kg
Bore x Stroke: 60.4 x 57mm
Propeller Selection (pitch): 7"-12"
Starting System: Manual
Engine Type: 4-Stroke OHC 
Fuel Delivery System: Battery-less Electronic Fuel Injection
No. of Cylinders: 2
Piston Displacement: 327cc
Maximum Output: 14.7KW
Full Throttle Operating Range: 5,300 - 6,300
Steering: Tiller or Remore
Oil Pan Capacity: 1.0L
Ignition System: Digital CDI
Alternator: 12V 6A or 12V 12A
Engine Mounting: Shear Mount
Trim Method: Manual or Power
Gear Ratio: 2.08:1
Gear Shift: F-N-R
Exhaust: Through Prop Hub Exhaust
Fuel Tank Capacity: 12L
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