Pioner Multi


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This Mk2 Pioner Multi comes to us as a barely used boat. The current owner purchased the boat from us 5 years ago as a spare works boat. However having used it less than a handful of times he's now decided to sell it.

The boat is in good condition, sitting on an Indespension roller trailer that was specifically adapted to accommodate this type of boat. The Multi is a unique type of boat due to its cathedral type hull and the drop down bow. The bow gate is 92cm wide and is lowered with a rustproof winch, for easier boarding/disembarking and loading/unloading. It planes easily and is extremely seaworthy. But the Pioner Multi is not purely aimed at professionals.

It can be used by those who wish to take all types of gear with them on mini adventures such as bicycles, to allow for a different way of planning holidays. Equally it could be used to allow those with restricted mobility to enjoy the pleasures of a boat, or even taking your dogs out on the water for the day.

The bow gate can be lowered down while out on the water to allow for easy boarding of the boat.

Currently there is no engine on this boat, but it can take anything up to 80hp long shaft. We can supply an engine of your choice should you wish to have one fitted by us.

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